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6 Traps To Avoid When Building A Fence
Have you ever walked passed someone’s yard, looked at their fence and just thought to yourself, What on earth is that!? Well, if you’re a home improvement enthusiast like the rest of us, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. That said, surely, at some point you’ve probably thought to yourself, I wonder if anyone’s ever said that about my fence. We’re here to make sure that that never happens. Here are the six biggest mistakes that you never want to make, and that you can avoid by choosing the Harrison Fence Company to make your yard look its best.

  1. Don’t rush into things: Whenever taking on a new project with the interest of upping your property value, you’re going to want to take your time in the planning phase. A lot can go wrong, and it usually doesn’t reveal itself until you’re about halfway in and way too far along to turn back and start over. But if you just settle down and be patient, a fence installation specialist from Quality Best Fence can draw up the perfect plan, explaining each step and why you can or cannot use a certain material, location or style.
  2. Mind your boundaries: Your neighbors live right next to you and you have to coexist with them. A great way to burn bridges with them is to overstep your property lines with a big ol’ fence for which they never gave approval. That’s just plain bad form and it could actually get you into a bit of legal trouble. Instead, do your research, figure out where your property ends and theirs begins, and act accordingly.
  3. Get your neighbors’ blessing: Speaking of neighbors, simply staying within your legal boundaries is enough. Albeit, at the end of the day, it’s your home and you can do what you please with it. However, if you notify your neighbors and get their thoughts on the matter, as opposed to just springing it upon them come construction day, you’ll be much more likely to make good with them in the long run.
  4. Check the zoning laws: For the most part, for New York residents, you’re not allowed to build any higher than 8 feet. But those rules can actually vary quite a bit by township, which is why you should make sure you know exactly what’s allowed in your neighborhood specifically. There may also be requirements as to what materials and styles of fences you may use. For example, some areas won’t allow a fence that’s overly private, while in others, pretty much all the houses in the neighborhood are within a fence tall enough to pretty much block any vision of what’s inside.
  5. Get approval: The last thing you want to do is build the whole fence, just to find out that the government didn’t give you permission and is making you knock it right on back down.
  6. Construction musts: At least a third of your fence posts must be underground. And if you have an aluminum fence, the gate posts have to be at least 30 inches deep. You also have to make sure everything is properly measured and accounted for. Look for any awkward leveling in your yard that could create problems and figure out a solution in advance. Stay conscious of the consistency of the earth. This can have influence how deep you need to dig.

None of this will be your problem if you hire the right professionals for the job. Call Quality Best Fence at 914-737-8700, the best Harrison Fence Company for you.