4 Fool-Proof Fall Garden Tips

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Although it still remains blistering hot in New York, the good news is that autumn is just around the corner. And with it comes a much needed fall breeze and some pretty orange and yellow leaves. As liberating as a summer vacation may be, especially at first, sometimes it’s just too hot to even go outside! Luckily, you’ve made it through the worst of it. And now it’s time to pick up the wheelbarrow and shovel and get back to work! Brought to you from the Peekskill fence company that you can trust to always give you the best advice, here are our gardening tips to set autumn off in the right direction.

  1. Time To Add Some Color

It’s the perfect time of year to add a bit of variety on the color spectrum to your garden. The best way to do this is with some fall-blooming mums. Be sure to do your research on how to plant them properly. If you can maintain them consistently, they’ll withstand the cold of winter and come back just as bright and colorful the following year.

  1. Plant A Tree

This is an investment well worth your while. And fall is an ideal time of year to get yourself psyched up to make it happen. A tree will add a central focal point to your garden. It will also give you the opportunity to grow yourself some fruity snacks. Think of all the fruit tree options you have to choose from. Take your pick from apples, peaches, pears, plums and more. Watch your tree grow through the years, as the leaves change and the fruit grows.

  1. Make Cider

We don’t want to tell you what kind of tree to plant, but if you go with an apple tree you can make yourself some delectable apple cider. At no time in the year is cider as delicious as it is in the fall. The apples you use don’t have to be perfect either. Just so long as they’re not completely rotten they’ll still suffice.

  1. What To Rake

Ah yes, the staple of autumn. There’s a golden window of time in which the leaves change color but still remain on the trees. Enjoy it while it lasts because in a couple days all those leaves will be on your lawn. On the upside, not all of them will be your responsibility to clean up. Some leaves are better left untouched. It depends a lot on where they fall. For example, leaves on the sidewalk have to go. They’re slippery and dangerous. But leaves below the trees in the garden will eventually dissipate and convert into compost, which ultimately is good for the garden.

Fall welcomes you with open arms. Welcome your guests with a fence design that gives off the impression that all who come in peace are welcome to join you in your newly developed autumn garden. We’re the best quality Peekskill fence company in town and we’re proud of it.. To make an appointment to have a new fence built around that wonderful garden of yours, give Quality Best Fence a call today at 914-737-8700.

Make Your Fence Feel Young Again

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A wooden fence can be an outstanding addition to any home, especially when built with quality by the best local Peekskill fence contractor around. They’re affordable. They look nice. And they serve a valuable purpose of keeping intruders out and residents in. The only problem is that in due time, sometimes sooner rather than later, wooden fences tend to get a bit tired. Who can blame them? They have to endure years of elemental abuse. But that doesn’t mean that they’re doomed to fatigue. That just means they need a big of a touch up every so often. And we’re here to tell you how to do it. Here’s your guide from experts on how to return that beautiful wooden fence back to looking like it’s glorious original self. Let’s make your fence feel young again!

Step 1: Shower

Like any long day in the mud, or in your fence’s case, a long several months to years in the mud, there comes a point where we all need to just stand under a fountain of water for a bit and shed ourselves of all that built up gunk. You wouldn’t believe the difference you can make with a hose and maybe a bit of of scrubbing in the extra dirty spots. By washing your fence, you’re not only removing the dirt, but you’ll also be removing a layer of weathered fence cells that have overstayed their welcome. It’s time to welcome the next generation. The best way to get the job done right is with a power washer. This will cut out hours of manual labor and transform it into a quick and easy fix. The cost for a power washing machine that you connect to your hose can run you anywhere between $80 or less to being over $300. Shop at your own risk. Try gauge how often you’ll be needing it when determining how much you’re willing to spend.

Step 2: Patchwork

It’s time to stop ignoring those glaring damages that have lingered for all too long and have no plans over disappearing on their own. Nope. This one’s on you. Time to get out the glue and seal up the cracks. The longer you wait, the wider they’ll get, and the more of a hassle it will be to repair them. You can also grab a hammer and some nails to help seal up the bigger holes.

Step 3: Let’s roll!

Now comes the fun part. Grab a roller and some stain and polyurethane. You should roll about 3 feet’s worth of fence with a semitransparent stain. Then grab the brush to wipe off any drip before it dries. Now that it’s summer, you should be extra vigilant about drying paint or stain. Repeat that until the whole fence is rolled and brushed to perfection. Then, kick and observe. Voilà! Just like new.

You can keep your fence looking brand new, but first, you have to get the fence. If you’ve been dreaming of getting the perfect wooden fence installed, now’s the time to make those dreams come true. Contact Quality Best Fence, the Peekskill fence contractor known to deliver. They can be reached by calling 914-737-8700 today.

5 Steps To Building A Patio That Pops

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Look at this magnificent home you have! This backyard should become an extension of yourself. Thinking of the future is always satisfying. But seeing your future plans materialize goes unmatched. And it all starts with your patio. Let this patio speak toward the inner you. Follow these steps for choosing the best possible patio furniture. And when it’s all said in done, be sure to give the Nelsonville fence contractor a call to finish the job.

Step 1: Write it down

Before you even try to start visualizing anything, you first want to grab pen and paper and write up a list of ideas and items and how much each of them costs. What purpose will this space serve and what will best facilitate that goal? Is this simply going to be a hang out spot where you go to read? Will it be a place to pass the time while you grill up some burgers? Or will this patio be equipped to host a full scale dinner party? These are the kinds of questions that should fuel your focus for what you put on that list. Depending on the answer to those questions, you may just want a couch and some chairs, or you may want a whole lot more.

Step 2: Sit down and look around

The best way to visualize something is to actually look at it. Try to minimize the amount of imagination you’ll have to do by physically putting yourself in the space that you are planning to chance. And if you can pull up a chair, it’ll make it all the easier for you picture the ambience that you’ll be bringing once it’s done.

Step 3: Shop around for furniture that will survive the trials of inclement weather

Easy Care is a must for patios. That’s because anything that does not live beneath a roof is going to have to endure a lot more than anything within your home. Your outdoor furniture, therefore, will not survive unless you buy the proper materials.

Step 4: Reserve some storage space for the months it goes unused

For the brisk months of winter, let’s face it, no one in your family will be using that furniture all that often. Why not preserve during the months in which it isn’t being used by sticking in the garage or some area in your home where your furniture will be protected from the snow, rain, etc. This way once the sun finally comes out, your furniture will be less tired and will last for many more years than if you just leave it out all year around.

Step 5: Paying a little extra is usually worth it

When you finally decide to go to the store and make a purchase, it’s not always advisable to look for the best prices. Here’s one example in which the more expensive item is probably of higher quality and great durability. Think of it as an investment. The more you invest, the more use value you will get out of it for a longer period of time.

With these tips, you’ll be able to build a patio for the ages. What better way to make that patio pop than with one of our special custom built fences. Quality Best Fence is the best Nelsonville fence contractor and we want to hear from you. Give us a call today at 914-737-8700 to learn more about our services.

Decorate your home outdoors for Independence Day!

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The 4th of July is almost here and we love to celebrate as much as you, that’s why we have decided to share our expertise as one of the leading Westchester fence contractor and give you a top pick of our favorite decorations for your home outdoors on Independence Day.

On this date we spend most of our time between the grill and our loved ones and we try to make our outdoors as inviting and good-looking as possible.

These are our ultimate DIY projects for this 4th of July:

The Starry Lawn.

Our red white and blue looks great on the lawn and it’s super easy to achieve.

Make some cardboard stencils with stars cut out in different sizes. Go to a home improvement store and buy cans of red, white and blue marking spray, the one is used in constructions is the best and it won’t kill your grass; although is permanent and the only way to get rid of it is mowing the lawn.

Once you have the materials, start painting, The Concrete Cottage got very sweet results and they have a more detailed tutorial on how to make this properly.

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The Old Glory Fence.

Nothing is more quintessentially American than a white picket fence. Except adding the Old Glory colors to it on a special occasion like our Independence Day.

Ribbons, fabric, flowers or even paper decorations work beautifully on a perfectly installed and good quality white picket fence.

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The Patriotic Pallete.

This is probably the easiest thing ever, just take an old shipping pallet and paint it with the red and white stripes, adding a blue square with stars to the upper left corner. You can put nails or hooks in it, or simply leave it plain. Either way, it is very useful for hanging stuff and it’s a great decoration for the holidays!

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The Brick Center Piece.

Grab brush and paint, stack some bricks on top of each other and paint them red, white and blue. Add a few stars and decorate with flowers. This is an affordable and beautiful idea for decorating your tables on the 4th of July barbeque.


Another great idea to decorate your tables is buying thick white candles and decorating them with red and blue stars. Or make a few patriotic mason jars where you can put your candles to light up at night.

As your Westchester fence contractor, we wish you a happy 4th of July in the company of friends and family and we offer to you, our repairing, installation and maintenance services all year-round with free at-home consultation. Schedule an appointment calling at 914.737.8700