Why The Spite Fence Is Not The Right Fence

We’ve all had disputes at one point or another. Otherwise, life would just be boring. We just hope those disagreements never happen with our neighbors, as that makes it a whole lot harder to sweep those past incidents under the rug. Instead, tension usually just rises steadily over time until it eventually reaches a breaking point, often manifesting itself in the form of a spite fence. A spite fence is just what it sounds like: a fence built out of spite of your neighbors. It sounds crazy but it nonetheless seems to happen surprisingly often. People building just the ugliest atrocities of fences, motivated almost entirely out the thrill of ticking off the neighbors. It’s petty, but it’s real. Don’t be that person. Show some respect, even if it isn’t due, by calling the Sleepy Hollow Fence Contractor to do the job right.

As soon as you feel those emotions creeping up, tempting you to build the nastiest looking fence ever constructed by humans, just take a step back, breathe, and refrain. First, recognize that that ugly fence is not going to solve anybody’s problems. All parties involved would be better served with finding some sort of solution. If you can’t resolve your dispute just between the two of you, then maybe you could find mutual benefit in hiring a mediator to help you through the process. It’s a perfectly acceptable and commonly used resource to have. With good mediation, you can knock down all those walls dividing you and rebuild better, more practical and visually pleasing walls together in their place.

As motivation to keep you from constructing an eyesore to irritate those people who live next to you, keep in mind that if it poses enough of a burden, you could face legal repercussions. Believe it or not, there are actually a surprising amount of rules that are enforced by townships for keeping up the aesthetic and cleanliness of neighborhoods. That means your neighbors, if they so desire, may just reserve the right to get the last laugh if you resort to the spite fence.

Building a fence should be a mutually agreed upon, property enhancing endeavor that benefits all parties involved. With the right people working on your fence, you can ensure enough privacy not to have to deal with those annoying neighbors, while also avoiding any further conflict due to ugliness or poor construction. There’s no comparison to the value of a well constructed fence, not only for privacy, but also for aesthetic purposes, as well as protecting your pets from running away and increasing your property value.

To learn more about the beautiful, non-spiteful fence that you should build, call Quality Best Fence today. We are the Sleep Hollow Fence Contractor you need to get the perfect balance of decorativeness and practicality. We can be reached at 914-737-8700 or online through our contact page. We’re open weekdays from 8am-5pm and we operate all throughout New York as well as in parts of New Jersey. We look forward to hearing from you soon!